Kamisaka Sekka; The Dawn of Modern Japanese Design

From June 22nd until August 26th, the Art Gallery of New South Wales showcases timeless Japanese art through Kamisaka Sekka; the dawn of modern Japanese design. Through thoughtful displays of the development of the Rinpa school of design, audiences can follow the influences of traditional Japanese culture as it mixes with contemporary themes and ideas. This compilation of lacquers, ceramics, decorative art and textiles spanning from the early 17th Century until the present, displays the Rinpa tradition of the ‘artist as designer’. This tradition developed and expanded as Rinpa scholars travelled to Europe, adopting ideas drawn from Art Nouveu and, in particular, the British Arts and Crafts movement. With its focus on motifs and themes taken from nature, Rinpa art is accessible to a broad audience regardless of age, gender and cultural background. Few other artistic traditions established centuries ago continue to captivate and engage viewers today on the same level as Rinpa. Image



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