My Guide To Life and Beyond; The Flirty First Dates

#1. When on a first date with a guy, don’t remain stagnant. Always keep moving, this keeps air in the conversation.

Have a coffee, but on the run, because once you’ve sat down and sipped your coffee, you want to drink it before it gets too cold, which gives you perhaps a 10 minute window to sit and chat. Once you’ve sat, you’re left fiddling with the sugar or wondering whether to order another.

Lunch is always a good option, but don’t recommend a fast -food chain, because remember you’d like to make a good impression, one of class and mystery.

Furthermore, if you keep moving, you can investigate, troll and be curious at things together, so that if there is any air in the conversation, it’s not awkward, it’s just thinking silence. When there is something for both parties to do, there will always be an edge, a giggly laughter.




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