From the 12th until the 23rd of September, the Sydney Theatre Company presents Water, a visual spectacular and an auditory soundscape with ingenious staging, props and scenery. The performance outlines two stories that run parallel then intertwine to create a show that will leave you pondering the deeper mysteries of life. A British government negotiator battles to unite a G8 summit on a carbon emissions deal while her neglected boyfriend turns his attention to beating the world record for cave diving while two distant half-brothers meet to grieve the death of their father. By using the allegory of water- a combination of elements that must bond together to create a co-dependent structure, the show likens this bondage to human relationships and the need for connection in order to live a full and healthy life.

Water uses visual and sonic storytelling techniques that create an absolute wonderland. The fast-paced, helter-skelter nature of these techniques are innovative and marvellous, however, these elements may detract a little from the significant themes at hand. At times, the central message was lost and the ability to connect with the audience was dampened underneath the fast-paced visual spectacular. Some of the strong social commentary may have been lost, nevertheless, the performance was one of brilliance and well worth a night out. 


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