Early in the Morning- an album by James Vincent McMorrow

James Vincent McMorrow’s album Early In The Morning


This album slows the tempo right down- the tempo of your heart, the beat of your drum, the daily grind. In a very Bon Iver-esque sound, this album boasts a fully self-written and composed score. May I say, each song is beautiful. The acoustic, the guitar, it’s all a bit reminiscent of the band City and Colour, especially with the heavily reliance on lyrics. “Hear The Noise That Moves” is calm and like a whisper in the dark, while “If I Had A Boat” begins as a unique acapella sound of caressing voices, sliding neatly into a solid 1980’s beat, something folky. In my head, there’s a picture of a grey lake, still, only coloured by a thick fog, a stagnant mist. If you listen to this music, close your eyes. On the other side of the spectrum, “Sparrow and the Wolf” sounds like it has a backing from Boy and Bear, with vocals from Bon Iver. Yet the thing is this guy, James, has created a pastiche of indie-folk sounds and thus innovatively created his own unique sound. As a love of his style of music, it’s not necessarily memorable- only momentary bliss. Every song on this album has an explicit difference wth all previous songs, yet they trend with familiar bands- for example “Breaking Hearts” sounds a lot like City and Colour. The thing is, I love it. I’m comfortable because it’s calming and it caresses my mind, the music is relaxing.



source: http://troubledsoulsunite.wordpress.com/2011/01/20/james-vincent-mcmorrow-early-in-the-morning/


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