Colin Lillie

Colin Lillie

Colin Lillie’s most recent CD, released in early 2012 is a great showcase of his talent as a singer-songwriter and performance artist. Lillie’s vocals are Cat Stevens-esque and his talent is unmistakable in his 4-track self-titled CD. Each track is different from the rest, which really highlights his careful control and wide range. He labels his sound- “Folk Soul” and I also think there is a little bit of Country in there and a little bit of Roots. As an original singer-songwriter based in Central Australia, his sound is very earthy, his vocals are very articulate and his multi-instrumental compositions are rather clever. Songs like “Man’s Broken Heart” use fiddle, mandolin, bass and guitar and in my opinion, he tells a good story. He’s definitely got musicality. However, I think what really sells his music is his undeniable passion in every song. His harmonies aren’t close and his mandolin accompaniments aren’t either but overall, his sound is spot it. It’s gritty and grounded. His cover of “2 Hearts” is very groovy, very funky- he’s succeeded in making it his own. However, of the four songs on this CD, my favourite would have to be the final- “Dirty Water”. It’s slow, acoustic and so very passionate. It’s the kind of sound that would be mood-music or the non-diegetic soundtrack to a film in the country, with a big leafless-oak, a young family and a lone tomb-stone. For me, his slower, simpler music seems more thoughtful in evoking emotions that are heartfelt and nostalgic. He really is a talented singer-songwriter.


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