The Flynn

The Flynn

When we arrived at The Flynn, people were spilling out onto the sidewalk- these weren’t a rowdy people, these were a relaxed people, letting off some steam on a Friday night after a business week. When you walk inside The Flynn, you notice that it’s a cross between pub, bar and restaurant, with sophistication and a little cheekiness holding the place together. It has the raucousness of a pub, the suaveness of a high-class bar and the elegance of a restaurant. The premises is divided to make these areas distinct, however, the whole venue a nice, cosy atmosphere.

Named in homage to the 1940s actor Errol Flynn, the venue really encompasses all that is chic and elegant with touches of fun excitement. Dim lighting by candlelight subdues the atmosphere while upbeat, full orchestra and brass tunes keep you on your toes with a bit of 1940s excitement.  Vines, hanging baskets of plants and vintage wine bottles about the place give the place character and make it glow from the inside out.


Over the past months, The Flynn has undergone a review of their cocktail and wine lists, as well as a completely new menu. The new chef on board adds a French-Vietnamese inspired twist on old pub favourites, while bringing new tastes and meals to the table. This new trust between the kitchen and the bar means that the cocktail list can be perfectly tailored to any meal of your choosing and may I say, this reciprocity really had me in awe.

With entrée came Zucchini Blossoms; stuffed with gorgonzola, ricotta and parmesan.  The Zucchini Blossoms were light and crisp, a flavoursome explosion in my mouth, an explosion of divine subdued cheeses which had just that little bite. We partnered our entrée with two cocktails- The Muratti Martini and the Le Gurk. To my surprise, both cocktails were matched superbly with our entrée.  The Muratti Martini had that bitter edge, just enough to take the bite out of the cheesy Zucchini Blossoms. In opposition, the Le Gurk offers a refreshing zest of cucumber, lime and other surprises, which cleanse the palate, something light to enjoy the fullness of the entrée.

When mains arrive, I’m a little curious as to what delicacies they have in store for us. My partner ordered the Rangers Valley Angus 300 Day Grain Fed Beef with a Rum Chocolate Manhattan to compliment.  The scotch fillet, served with roasted tomato,  mushroom, onion rings and served with red wine jus, makes the meal more than glorified pub food. With yummy attention to detail, this meal was divine.  The meat was juicy, tender and lean, while the mushrooms were sautéed to perfection. The corresponding cocktail was matched phenomenally- the smooth chocolate was bitter and dark and the rum warms the soul. It packed a punch and was the perfect partner to a scotch fillet.

My Sashimi was an Atlantic Salmon, avocado and Kingfish salad, served with spicy lemon and lime dressing.  It was delicious, fresh, sparkling and flavoursome; perfect combination of tangy dressing, with elegant raw fish. Really, this was chic dining at its finest. The accompanying cocktail I had was the Topless Yao- a blend of pineapple, tequila and basil. The drink was so light, refreshing and complimentary to the fish dish. A stunning main meal.

For dessert; Sticky Date Pudding and an Affogato to share between my partner and I. Simple, flavoursome and traditional. There’s nothing more I can say about dessert, it was just so right, so delicious.

The only critical comment I have of the venue is that it’s a little noisy. However that just helps create a cosy ambience and to be honest, after a chat with the manager, it helps me see the future direction and potential of this place. Informal dining with a touch of classy sophistication and an edge of fun. A possible move toward live music, theme nights etc. As a side note, the staff were more than obliging, helping us when my phone ran out of charge. We were offered use of a DiscGo, a portable tech charging device that would be really handy for the business men and women in the heart of the CBD. I highly recommend the venue and cuisine.


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Reviewed by Regina Su



    1. Thanks, it was a really good evening. I understand that the bar is borderline niche, so it may not be everyone’s taste. It did press my buttons, though. I had a great time and highly recommend it!

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