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New Hampton


After a long time under construction, the Hampton Court is back in action as the New Hampton! The bar aims to bring The Rock to Kings Cross in an attempt to revitalise the area and offer a sense of suave class to Sydney’s entertainment district. The New Hampton really does this.

Original timber beams give the venue cozy character, while sandstone walls feature and set the scene as something akin to Australiana. Original stained glass windows beside lazer cut steel images of cockatoos and kookaburras adorn the walls. The images are backlit with an amber glow, aiding the warmth of the place and hinting at a celebration of heritage and history. Australian folk songs are framed beside indoor palms, giving the rustic vintage feel a modern swing. It’s inviting and it’s comfortable. For the first hour or so of the launch, a bush band fiddled, while an accordion kept the scene upbeat, accordingly. This seemed fitting, just as the pulse of a techno DJ did later on during the launch. The New Hampton caters to anyone and while there is a theme to the venue, it seemed to be more of a homage to the building’s heritage. This gives the bar room to be whatever you’d like it to be.

The bar boasts an enticing selection of liquor to soothe the palate. We were greeted with Rum and Raisin Old Fashioned, and Vanilla Kisses. The Rum and Raisin Old Fashioned was so smooth, full-bodied and fruity, while the Vanilla Kisses cocktail was like a festival of fairy floss and splendor. My partner and I enjoyed these cocktails and ventured to try the Lychee Rose Martini; dare I say, a tantalizing concoction that reminded me a little of a High Tea garden party. The staff were friendly and their cellar extensive.

Canapes were served with promises of flavour explosions. Bite-sized morsels of tastes that shouldn’t mix in theory, but did as well as old favourites. Pulled Pork Gallete, Watermelon with Olive and Fetta, Duck Liver Parfait, Wild Mushroom Arancini, Smoked Salmon Asparagus and Labne, Tomato Consommé and Crayfish were served, to name a few. This finger food was trendy, tasty and on vogue. They truly were delicious. If their canape selection is any reflection of what the New Hampton restaurant offers, you’re in for a treat.

As a venue, the New Hampton is laid back, smart casual elegance, where beautiful people can roam a beautiful club. It’s sexy sophistication in the heart of the Cross.