P&O Cruise to Vanuatu and New Caledonia

Day 3 – Sea Day

I awoke to a flaming ball of light that melted grapefruit pink into liquid gold. Our cabin sat on the east side of the ship, so the sweet blue horizon was dipped in pink- it’s tough not to be energized after such a stunning wake up call. As you look out, there’s a solid metallic royal blue that sparkles, then there’s endless powder blue sky.

Buffet breakfast, yum! Afterwards, an Art seminar. Following that, I had my first eventful hiccup on the trip. I went to a Lightening Auction held in the Atrium and accidentally bid on a piece; I heard $9, when the auctioneer had really said $90. Classic Caramel Latte getting over excited and overwhelmed by all the new things, exhilarated by the thrill of the moment. Thankfully, Soaring Eagle took me under her wing, comforted my shocked person and helped me sort it out. Cancellation, phew!

The boat felt like it was breathing, rising and falling. We sat comfortably on the back of a giant whale as it carried us through the South Pacific.

That night, we watched the Pacific Entertainers perform Centre Stage, a tribute to the musical numbers from Broadway and some of the best composers, like Sondheim, Rogers and Hammerstein, Cole Porter and more. The show was definitely a professional one. I appreciated the level of skill that had gone into the production of this performance. For many of the cast, this was their second electric show of the night after a long day of hosting activities and running workshops. Their costumes were not only easy and economical, they were stunning to the eye and the set design was just seamless.

Dinner was cocktail themed, (so I wore my little black dress) and there I learned that our waiter was from Central Java. Asyik! More people to practice my broken Bahasa with. I tried snails for the first time. Escargot is a spongey texture, with the conconsistency of a mushroom or a mussel. They tasted so much better than expected, very tasty indeed (however my company thought the very sight of them was Nasty).

Even though we were very tired, we trundled down to the Marquee for late night adult comedy. We laughed so very hard, but I must admit, politically incorrect one-liners have a hilarious shock value for only so long. Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself and crashed that night.


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