Review by Regi Su and Photography by Kate Wehl

Original Melbourne band, Dice, recently played at the Gunn Music Productions Espy Artist Showdown in late November 2014 at The Espy where they satisfied the audience with a solid wave of rock. Having a pretty good track record doing gigs in Victoria, the band is breaking into the big league, and is definitely showing potential to do so.

Their album ‘Bright Lights’ shows a lot of versatility, a wide range of skills and talents, despite only have three members in the band. Lead singer, Daniel Butcher, is very strong, both lyrically and vocally and shows a lot of control. Meanwhile, Mike Dean on drums places the band firmly in the rock genre, especially with tracks like ‘Blood Shot Eyes’. Yet, tracks like ‘Spin Me Around’ keeps a calm restraint, which can be really powerful in itself.

I feel like this band is capable of electric crescendos, and they do, but they use them cleverly, which adds dynamicism to their music. A perfect example of this is ‘Bright Lights’. This track is a really solid example of a clean composition that showcases all members of the band and the strengths they bring to the group. In contrast, ‘It’s All About You’ is a really catchy tune, full of energy and confidence.

Dice boasts an excellent stability in its grit and earth, and if anything, its reliability to fit into a well-established genre. They’ve got a pretty grounded identity and their sound is easily recognisable and very satisfying. Excited to see where they go from here.


Marlow’s new single ‘Life On Repeat’

Sydney-based Alternative Indie Rock band Marlow have released ‘Life on Repeatas a new single in 2014. This band has been labelled as a ‘healthy middle ground between progressive and alternative’ and I’d have to agree their sounds are fast paced, high energy and bursting with electricity. Their older tracks cement their sound with easily identifiable lead vocals, strong lead guitar, rock drums and a unique timbre. Their consistency of sound gives them a place in an already successful genre, alongside bands like The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus vocally and, possibly channeling a bit of Thirty Seconds to Mars in terms of their waves of rock.

Marlow definitely have a place in the Australian soundscape. In fact, they’ve already shown a good run, with singles like ‘Always Therein 2012 hitting the airwaves, through the Austereo radio network and airplay in ABC’s Rage program.

Marlow’s new hit single ‘Life on Repeat’ fits very nicely into the band’s established identity. The sound is so satisfying. It’s still electrifying but gets right into your bones with a slower pace and more dynamicism. It’s really catchy and shows maturation from previous singles because the song really captures the rise and fall of mood. I look forward to seeing where this band takes their music.

Ash Archer and the Spitfires

Ash Archer and the Spitfires‘ most recent album; ‘Ride Like The Wind’, really captures the grit and essence of Archer’s vocals and composing abilities. Earthen and grounded with elements of Nickelback and Bon Jovi, Archer’s vocals capture a grit in the timbre and his lead guitar is raw power.

Although the sound seems to channel some of rock’s best, they transcend the genre and create a unique mix with tweaks of their own. The album is like playing with a live wire, bringing energy and spark with every strum of the guitar.

The Spitfires’ solid, clean sounds back Archer’s original tunes and dynamically, the composition is professional. The band is more than a backing support, it’s part of the sound creation.

Archer’s first album with the Spitfires, ‘Ride Like The Wind was released in March 2014. Archer rose to fame through the internet, with social media launching his professional career. However, this album shows a certain development and a maturation.

Ash Archer and the Spitfires

This sound is so much more than just a garage band gone viral. The band has a solid and earthen sound that has created a new identity in the rock soundscape of Victoria.

Their recent accolades at the Espy are a testament to that as well. Watch out, as Ash Archer and the Spitfires take Melbourne by storm. Congratulations to Ash Archer and the Spitfires; official Grand Finalists for the 2014 Espy Artist Showdown.

Logic Defies Logic

Although Melbourne-based band Logic Defies Logic originated in New Zealand, they’ve spent the last few years making their mark on the Australian soundscape with their electrifying performances and sonic integrity. To cement their places in the Australian rock arena, they recently won the Gunn Music Productions Espy Artist Showdown in late November 2014.

Logic Defies Logic are deserving winners. Their music is so solid and clean. They create a holistic sound which shows instrumental versatility and traditional strength, placed neatly in the rock genre. Their website homepage boasts; “Dizzying madcap metal washed down with funk, prog, and all things glorious. Musical alchemy. Magic and science combined.” I tend to agree. Tracks like ‘Quantum Leap’ showcase an excellent fusion of electro influences, traditional percussion and a talented lead guitar, followed up with a well-used slap of the bass. The collaboration displays dynamicism and perfect timing, changing keys and proving an array of skills and talent within the band.

Tracks like ‘Quantumn Leap’ and ‘Broadcast’ are a classic rock/metal genre, mixed up with modern sounds for a contemporary audience. They’re clean, deep, balanced and really fresh. The band sounds like they’ve worked together really closely for a long time. They sound completely in sync, with a united vision of what their identity is and where it’s going. Logic Defies Logic is raw in power, but controlled in execution. Can’t wait to see what they do next.1966937_820570701319706_5894496674252966373_n 10303379_820570694653040_2776148604257198035_n

Image credit: https://www.facebook.com/katewehlphotographyage

Nouvelle Caledonie

DSCN1195 DSCN1196 DSCN1190 DSCN1192 DSCN1193 DSCN1194

I think I had a tiny obsession with waves and blue waters when I was in New Caledonia.

The water was absolutely stunning- such a surreal blue. I couldn’t contain my excitement. The sparkles on the water, the gentle waves from the tender boats (how appropriately named!).

New Caledonia and Vanuatu

Some classic shots here. The casual – ‘Oh, didn’t see you there!’ shot as well as the ‘Awkward Standing In Front Of Scenery’ shot. There’s also the ‘Capture The Moment. feat Sunbathing Babes and Towel Covered Boy’, as well as the ‘Obligatory Waterfall’ shot.

DSCN1034 DSCN1174 DSCN0612 DSCN0613 DSCN0899 DSCN1092DSCN1033

Totally in love with the fact that even though our trip had cloudy skies and torrential rain at times, I was still able to get some tacky touristy shots on my “Tropical Island Holiday/Paradise”.