Logic Defies Logic

Although Melbourne-based band Logic Defies Logic originated in New Zealand, they’ve spent the last few years making their mark on the Australian soundscape with their electrifying performances and sonic integrity. To cement their places in the Australian rock arena, they recently won the Gunn Music Productions Espy Artist Showdown in late November 2014.

Logic Defies Logic are deserving winners. Their music is so solid and clean. They create a holistic sound which shows instrumental versatility and traditional strength, placed neatly in the rock genre. Their website homepage boasts; “Dizzying madcap metal washed down with funk, prog, and all things glorious. Musical alchemy. Magic and science combined.” I tend to agree. Tracks like ‘Quantum Leap’ showcase an excellent fusion of electro influences, traditional percussion and a talented lead guitar, followed up with a well-used slap of the bass. The collaboration displays dynamicism and perfect timing, changing keys and proving an array of skills and talent within the band.

Tracks like ‘Quantumn Leap’ and ‘Broadcast’ are a classic rock/metal genre, mixed up with modern sounds for a contemporary audience. They’re clean, deep, balanced and really fresh. The band sounds like they’ve worked together really closely for a long time. They sound completely in sync, with a united vision of what their identity is and where it’s going. Logic Defies Logic is raw in power, but controlled in execution. Can’t wait to see what they do next.1966937_820570701319706_5894496674252966373_n 10303379_820570694653040_2776148604257198035_n

Image credit: https://www.facebook.com/katewehlphotographyage


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