Balsamic Vignettes #1


There was a movement at the station as a flurry of pensioners shuffled forward to the ticket machine. With the promise of a cutting and homemade tomato chutney, seniors from near and far congregated around the leader of the Garden Club, Lindsey.
We can see her, there, amidst the cacophony of cackles. She’s gripping a handbag, big enough to fit a cardigan just in case it’s cold, and an umbrella, just in case it rains. Her hand bag is tapestry. She made it herself. It has a lot of zips on the sides, nooks and crannies for important things, of course.

Interestingly enough, the zips had been a late addition to the bag and from hence, hung a jangle of name tags, charity key rings and blue ribbons. Lindsey was not interested in these, however. Not at all. She held a strong penchant for teddy bears and, a sizeable population could be found crawling up the tapestry, hanging themselves from the bag handles.

Since school had resumed, the train station had become a high way of underage bandits, all trudging towards a better future. In truth, Lindsey wasn’t fond of children. She did, however, love the small teddy bear key rings hanging off their bags. It was for this reason that Lindsey decided that this month’s Garden Club adventure be close to the train line.


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