Balsamic Vignettes #8

“There was this lady on the bus trip, right, she chucked a wobbly and was flown out of Dublin.”

“Good grief, flown out of Ireland because she chucked a wobbly? Must’ve been some tantrum!”

“Nah, she was found sleeping on the bus and turns out she had no pulse. Thru for a medical team and everything to fly her out of Dublin.”

“That’s… Having no pulse is not the same as chucking a wobbly.”


Balsamic Vignettes #7

The train eased into the station to hurl a load of passengers onto the perform. A man in a stained football jersey and thongs leapt off, ran to the pay phone beside the elevator, and unhooked the receiver, leaving it dangling by its cord.

Hands on knees, he bent forward and panted, looked at his watch, heard the whistle of the train guard, returned the receiver and darted back onto the train.

Balsamic Vignettes #6

#6- The Chatterbox

All by himself, this tiny boy manages to have more energy than a bag of cats. He sings and dances and jumps and whistles and asks Why Why Why.

He puts the word ‘sky’ in the ‘living’ column because it’s always changing and the wind feels like a sigh.

It is colouring in time now.

“Shhh, quiet time. Quiet time means no talking, no sounds. If you do, you lose. It’s a game.”
“Can we sing? Can we speak? Why not? What if our pencils make a sound? Can we hum? Can we breathe?”

Balsamic Vignettes #5

Covered in an aggravated red
Crumpled on the floor
Laden with the weight of guilt anger regret shame [yet refusing to burn]

Downs the red pen
Blows out the candle
Tears it instead
And hops up to brunch.