Haiku #120

Hunting for sand worms,

Red rash stings, while sea lice dance.

Terribly sun burnt.



*Special series- these haikus were written in collaboration with my partner. We wrote these line by line, alternately, without having seen the other person’s line. 


Haiku #73

Japan’s rolling hills,
Cuisine and hot springs, humbly
Entices my heart.

Waiting for the ferry.

“I know the recipe for toast. I know fruit. I don’t want to go and pay $16 for something I can make at home. ”
“Yeah, I just want to sit down and be served some orange juice and my newspaper. But when the fruit is labeled as fruit on the menu, you know? But they serve me tinned peaches – absurd! Especially when it’s in an area with orchards…! Is that too much to ask?”

“And it only came with mushrooms!”
“Oh, love fresh peas, not frozen, and asparagus. Love asparagus.”

“Gotta watch- in those towns, the hamburger places close early.”

“You know I saw her there. I bumped into her again.”
“Yeah, she’s not the sort of person you’d catch up with unless it was a coincidence, to be honest.”
“Yeah, I swear she was wearing the same woolen skirt as she had on in Cowra.”
“She had no idea of the dope culture there. She came a virgin, and three years later, she left a virgin!”
“MY word!”
“And like, I bumped into her in Surry Hills and and yeah maybe she’s successful, but like, she’s probably still a virgin and she probably hasn’t been at all adventurous like it should be in academia.”

“And restaurants and conferences that have sit-down dinners, good Lord! I need movement. I can’t stand sit-down dinners. You have to sit next to the same person for the whole thing-!”

“Plan B is Conowindra,  but I’d prefer waterfront in Sydney.”
“Exactly, exactly.”
“Anywhere that’s damp at three o’clock in the afternoon-”
“Oh, my arthritis!”

“Look, it’s actually really quite civilised, they’ve got a deli now.”
“Good, because Mudgee is hundreds of dollars for one night these days.”
“Wouldn’t mind the Southern Highlands though…”
“I mean, I mean, I mean, it’s like a smaller Sydney… right?”
“Well, yeah, I guess, but like, Southern Highlands though.”

“Married out-? Oh, okay. But what did he marry out… to?”
“Chilean. She was Chilean.”
“Probably a mongrel then.”
“Yeah, a hybrid.”

Balsamic vignettes #20


The beach has been super dumpy of late, but today, the water was crystal clear and the waves had just enough excitement for us. We ducked and dived under them as they crashed, and we floated peacefully over their crests. We tirelessly treaded water, then we beached ourselves and soaked up the summer sun.

Jungle Juice, Melbourne

On New Year’s Day, Melbourne was a ghost town. Well, there were masses of people pushing their way in and around the laneways, but there were no cafes open, and the cafes that were open were inundated with a population of hungry wolves.

Jungle Juice Bar was open. They served excellent coffee and a selection of bagels, something tasty for my vegetarian friends and something fresh and flavoursome for me. Very thankful for good priced, delicious food.


Disclaimer: This review was also posted on TripAdvisor. This blog has no affiliation with TripAdvisor. I just share my experiences to spread the love to fellow travelers.

Iambic pentameter

The mermaid arched its back and gave a cry
The seaweed wrapped his tendrils round my foot
‘Ah ha!’ she laughed and sank into the depths
But rest assured, I’d naught but learn to swim
So kick,  I did,  square in the mermaid’s jaw
So slick the blood that bled into the bay
Unwrapped my ankle from the slimy weed
Swam up until I pushed through crashing waves
I gasped and heaved and slowed my panting breath
Fear not the song of mermaids, or of death.