Haiku #160

Sigh. You’ll slap yourself
Awake. You’ll trudge to the
Kitchen. See her there. 

She’s not pleased about
Something. You try to stay calm.
When you don’t know what

You think, and you don’t
Know how you feel, listen to
Your body. It will

Betray you. Your fists
Will clench and you’ll claw at your
Skin. Your throat twists and

Closes up. Your voice
Shakes. It’s a higher pitch than
Before. Your breathing

Is laborious. 
Soon, you can’t breathe. You don’t mean
For this to happen,

You know that if you
Don’t calm down, the scene will
Worsen. You know you

Need to stay calm. You’re
Trying. But your traitorous
Body betrays you.


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