Haiku #224

The next station is
Strathfield.  Please change at Strathfield
For Inner West Lines.

Haiku #223 (12:49pm)

and the teacher was yelling
and she looked cross and she was
pointing her finger

at him at the door
see the vein on her forehead
but he could not hear

silence enveloped
him then a high pitched ringing
so he kicked his chair

so he flipped a desk

Hellfire Pass, Kanchanaburi

This place is stripped back, raw emotion.

We hired a car for the day which took is out of Bangkok and around the sites of Kanchanaburi. I recommend this if you’ve got a party of six, like we did.  You can relate your own journey, and fly through the countryside in  comfort.   We went to the war museum first,  which was a very confronting experience. But when you take those statistics and facts and information,  the you go and stand on the tracks of the Death Railway yourself,  you become humbled at the immensity of the reality.

We were rained on.  Warm,  sticky rain.

I highly recommend the walking trail. It’s just pure green bamboo and the humidity is stifling. When I walked the trail, it started to rain, and I was able to really get a sense of what the prisoners of war had to endure when working on Hellfire Pass. It’s serene, but in a eerie sense.

I was really moved by the plaques of information along the trail and the act of  walking along the original rail line- sleepers and tracks and all-  was deeply confronting. I got to witness the magnitude of the Hellfire Pass, as we walked deep into the rock-cut railway pass.

It’s haunting and easily one of the most moving sites I’ve toured to see.

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Haiku #222

Around four-thirty,
Every afternoon, the
Leaves on the neighbour’s

Gum tree serenade
The setting sun with a warm,
Golden glow that glints

On the underside
Of each gum leaf,  just so, and
The tree catches light.