Month: August 2016

Haiku #241 (Directions)

“Take the back road and 

Turn left after the chainsaw 

Sharpening warehouse.”


0920 service to Central: Delayed.

“She just Fell down the stairs. Snapped her thigh right in half. So I took a photo of it, terrible. Yeah, I’d say she was older, but not old. Well, I know because i was there I was right beside her. Excuse you, I saw her leg snap out at a right angle! That’s exactly right, she should have waited until the train stopped. She should have grabbed a hand rail. I always wait on flat ground, always. No, she wasn’t wearing heels, she had joggers and jeans. I always carry flats in my bag, for times like these.”

TripAdvisor: Long Table, Bangkok

The cocktails are exquisite, the views of Bangkok are sublime, the food is gourmet and deliciously inventive and unique. I highly recommend coming here for after dinner drinks, or even at dusk. Either way, it’s definitely part of the nightlife. It’s not pumping like a nightclub- it’s more like an elegant lounge and it runs at a slower pace to the rest of the city. It’s sublime.

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