Month: April 2017

TripAdvisor review: PJ’s Chalet,  Hanmer Springs NZ

This small burger and fish & chips hut is a dine-at for all travelers through Hanmer Springs. The prices are great value for hungry hikers, and they serve hordes of youth and families. 
The chicken burger is as big as your whole extended hand and is truly a satisfying feed with bacon, cranberry, cheese, salad and a schnitty. It’s excellent value for money and really hits the spot after some hard physical bushwalking up in the hills. 

It seems like a family-run business. I was served by a father/son power team and the dad was so kind, accommodating and hospitable to the customers.
Totally  recommend this for burgers and chips.


2017×55 (open-mic)

Hark, mucous nugget, back again

I lie awake wondering when next I will pounce

– and of you

“Sit down!”

from the depths of sleep I hear you call

but you are so very slimy

and I am a tiny teaspoon of sugar

can it ever be?

or, my apricot chicken, are we destined to clash?

a collision course

with a countdown timer that started the moment I noticed your height

The Lion of madness, the gazelle of angst.

TripAdvisor review: Wellington Botanic Garden, NZ

The Wellington Botanic Gardens are a real treat. Just a minute or so from the Wellington Cable Car, it’s a perfect place to stroll or have a picnic. We caught the cable car up to the top, then wandered down the hillside gardens all the way back to the city. The gardens are well maintained and lush, especially the ferns and ancient trees. There’s a wonderful playground for the kids to run wild in and plenty of benches to just soak in the ambience. Tiny little birds flit in the under brush, and dart between the education centres and greenhouses. I really enjoyed the glasshouses and their colourful blooms. This makes for a pleasant afternoon. ​