Month: May 2017

TripAdvisor review: Cuba Street District

The Cuba Street district is very interesting. It’s not as specialised  as I thought it would be, I expected there to be dedicated Cuban shops or the like.

What I did find was a trail of interesting little plaques that inform the traveler of the history of the district. The buildings there are architecturally  creative, the murals are hidden arena the night markets are dressed bustling. Good for a render short stroll, a bite to eat and a taste of Wellington.

TripAdvisor review: Café Breton, Wellington NZ

Café Breton is a finger-licking delight. The food is delicious. I had heard that people were disappointed by their experience here, as it seemed that they had a set expectation of what the food should be like. Honestly, I have no idea of what galletes are supposed to be and I was thrilled. That may not instill confidence in you, reader, but I can assure you, this café is worth brunching at regardless of your expectations.


I had savoury  galletes  on two separate occasions. Both were rich, delicious and decadent, as French cuisine should be. It almost felt naughty to be eating breakfast here, but I survived. Get in early because it seems to be a regular hotspot  for the locals.


I recommend it, but that you go without expectations.


TripAdvisor review: The Elizabeth Hotel, Singapore

The Elizabeth Hotel suited our needs. It was a short walk to Orchard road, but not right in the hustle and bustle, which provided us with a little oasis. The staff were very welcoming and hospitable. They helped us understand the city and organise tours and activities. 
The facilities are great, the pool is lovely, the gym is good enough and the buffet breakfast is exciting and delicious. In fact, the restaurant is a highlight as the windows offer a beautiful view.
 Our rooms were satisfactory (beds a little hard though). One thing we did appreciate was that the hotel supplied a mobile phone for personal use, local and international calls, and Internet which is super handy when trying to navigate the city. 

I would definitely go back to The Elizabeth.

TripAdvisor review: New Regent Street, Christchurch NZ

New Regent Street is funky and a great taste of the local community.  Quaint terraces line the street which is mainly used for tram thoroughfare and pedestrian access. The terraces are pastels and are a mirror image on either side of the street. 

There are enough cafes to satisfy your brunch needs, some souvenir shops and hobby shops. 
What’s most exciting to me are the hidden touches of humanity and resilience in the aftermath of the Christchurch quakes. This strip is a testament to their rebuilding effort. The street art here is quirky, stimulating and surprising. 

I really recommend a stroll down here for lunch.