Café Breton, Wellington NZ

Café Breton is a finger-licking delight. The food is delicious. I had heard that people were disappointed by their experience here, as it seemed that they had a set expectation of what the food should be like. Honestly, I have no idea of what galletes are supposed to be and I was thrilled. That may not instill confidence in you, reader, but I can assure you, this café is worth brunching at regardless of your expectations.


I had savoury  galletes  on two separate occasions. Both were rich, delicious and decadent, as French cuisine should be. It almost felt naughty to be eating breakfast here, but I survived. Get in early because it seems to be a regular hotspot  for the locals.


I recommend it, but that you go without expectations.



Disclaimer: This review was also posted on TripAdvisor. This blog has no affiliation with TripAdvisor. I just share my experiences to spread the love to fellow travelers.

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