RMG Tours, Singapore

For the most part, RMG tours are excellent. Reasonably priced, hotel pick up/drop off, local insights. 

I recommend the city tour. We were shown around Little India, Chinatown and major landmarks. This helped us scope the area and gave us a little bit of historical background on our first day in Singapore.  The Night Safari is also an excellent option. The tour allows you to skip the massive queues and is enough time to see what you want. 

We were quite disappointed with the Jurong Bird Park tour. We spent more time in transit picking up people from hotels and stuck in traffic than actually at the park.  Although traffic can’t be helped, it should be factored in and the tour extended to create a better experience when at the venue. I really wanted more time at Jurong, but sadly we had to prioritize what we wanted, then sprint for the minibus “else be left there, we’ll leave without you”.

I also wanted to join the advertised tour to Malacca, but was told it only runs subject to numbers, which was disappointing again.

Seems RMG  tours can be hit and miss. 

Disclaimer: This review was also posted on TripAdvisor. This blog has no affiliation with TripAdvisor. I just share my experiences to spread the love to fellow travelers.


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