Elevador de Santa Justa, Lisbon, PORTUGAL

The queue is long. It is always long. It can last up to an hour and there’s no skip the line pass.

Entry to the elevator and the viewpoint is €5.15. You can use a transport card to use the lift and if you do, you must only pay €1.5 to go to the viewpoint. It’s open from 9am-11pm, but there’s always a queue. We went around dusk (summertime, 8.30pm) and waited about 45min.

The view is sublime. Panoramic scenes of Lisbon looking out to the sea, or out past the foothills. There shouldn’t be many people up there to ruin your picture perfect moment as only a lift-full of people can be up there at any given time.

Afterwards, the main question is how to get back to geound level if you choose not to take the lift down. It’ll be an adventure in the back alleys of the city.

Disclaimer: This review was also posted by me on TripAdvisor. This blog has no affiliation with TripAdvisor. I just share my experiences to spread the love to fellow travelers.


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