Why I am legitimately interesting to talk to, in my humble opinion.

I am an Australian writer who’s written for UTS Vertigo, What’s On Sydney, Get Shot concert photography magazine and Capture Magazine, Australia’s Top-Selling professional photography magazine. You’ll find the pieces I’ve authored here.

A lot of my pieces are about the plays I’ve seen, the tunes I’ve listened to. I’m very glad to have so much stimulus for my writing in my life. I volunteer for a number of organisations and in places like those, you find some very interesting stories, some that colour the world in a shade of beautiful.

I love creative writing, creative non-fiction and the critical review and analysis areas. I love people watching, human stories as well as travelling to new places and noting down my experiences there. I realise that these concepts aren’t original, so I hope my writing can be creative and innovative enough to catch your fancy.

This blog is about my interests in art, culture, music, theatre and literature, with the occasional rant here or there.

In 2016 I set myself the challenge: one haiku per day for a year.

I am an Australian creative writer, working as a reviewer for http://whatsonsydney.com/  and http://www.getshotmagazine.com/

You can follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MissHazeyEyed 

Instragram: https://instagram.com/misshazeyeyed/

or find me on LinkedIn.


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