Khao San Road

Woah, Khao San Road is an experience. It’s not for the faint of heart. Khao San Road is the underbelly of Bangkok, all soft and exposed, all smells and yells. In Khao San you can get accommodation that’s cheaper than a haircut and street-peddlers harass you to buy a fake ID. It’s high octane backpacker tourism. Dirt and grit.

I’m the sort of traveler who lives like a local, and I was with family. Unlike other transient people, to me Khao San was more like an attraction to see, rather than a place to stay. I decided I needed to stop by this world-reknowned road on my way back from a Muay Thai fight at Rajadamnern Stadium. My quick hour or so at Khao San was all I needed- despite offering every flavour, it wasn’t my taste.

Khao San Road is the epitome of nightlife. There’s ping-pong shows, scorpions on a stick, cheap wares and fishbowl cocktails. The crowd pulses, and they snake down the road tempted by bright lights and neon. The cheapest Pad Thai you’ll ever see, but the prawns have been congealing in the heat for days.

I went and had a beer- something I took the lid off of myself- and sat back, watched the people flow and the area start to vibrate. There’s no BTS or MRT, so make your own way there. However, beware of taxi and tuk tuk scams, as this area will fleece you before you can say ‘Sawasdee kaa’.


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