Chu Chocolate Bar & Café, Asoke, Bangkok

Tucked away in the Exchange Centre in Asoke, Bangkok, is a little chocolate café. They serve decadent treats and rich delights- a haven for any sweet tooth. Their desserts don’t hold back, they ooze, pop and melt in your mouth. Their Nutella waffles are thick and their affogatos are strong. Be sure to go on an empty stomach, their desserts Andre not for the faint hearted. There’s ample space to sit by yourself or bring friends, and the air con is welcome respite for sweaty travelers. The drinks are reasonably priced and all things considered, this is a satisfying café. 

Disclaimer: This review was also posted on TripAdvisor. This blog has no affiliation with TripAdvisor. I just share my experiences to spread the love to fellow travelers.


Zeno’s Cafe, Sukhumvit, Bangkok

I’ve often wandered past this little cafe, but never gave it a look in. This morning I found solace in its airconditioning and respite in its WIFI. I opted to be healthy and ordered a Mango and Banana smoothie which made me feel virtuous and refreshed. 

I chose the Ham, Tomato and Onion omelette with wholegrain toast and was delightfully surprised. It was flavoursome and filling. Great value for 150THB. What a tasty breakfast, I do recommend. Apparently the coffee is good too.

Disclaimer: This review was also posted on TripAdvisor. This blog has no affiliation with TripAdvisor. I just share my experiences to spread the love to fellow travelers.

TripAdvisor: Or Tor Kor (OTK) Markets, Bangkok

These fresh produce markets are simply wonderful.

They’re a maze of everything food related. There are a few florist stalls to add a subtle fragrance to accompany pin pricks of colour. Their fresh coconuts can be dehusked and grated according to your needs. As you move through these, the fresh fruits and juices offer refreshment for the weary traveler who finds themselves uncomfortable under the blanket of smog that settles over the city.

The markets have an extensive marine section, both alive and otherwise. This doesn’t smell too fishy, though. I believe that those involved in maintaining the markets pride themselves in its cleanliness. I learnt from a stall holder that they don’t have a rodent problem (unlike other areas of the city) because they’ve addressed the issue head on, in a humane way (!).

They also have a section dedicated to dry goods, such as dehydrated fish, jellyfish, abalone, curry powders and more. They’re so pungent, you can really tell that they’ll add depth to whatever dish you decide to cook.

The bags of spice are aromatic and sensual, and at this point, your visit to the markets has become spiritual.

Finally you reach the middle. There are vats of curries and crowds of people. It’s a wonderful place, bustling with life and colour. I recommend you go, buy some produce and make yourself something. Or just go to see the exotic variety.

We bought enough food from these markets to have a feast fit for a king. We had crab, and pomelo salad and we learned how to make Tom kha ghung from scratch.

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TripAdvisor: Long Table, Bangkok

The cocktails are exquisite, the views of Bangkok are sublime, the food is gourmet and deliciously inventive and unique. I highly recommend coming here for after dinner drinks, or even at dusk. Either way, it’s definitely part of the nightlife. It’s not pumping like a nightclub- it’s more like an elegant lounge and it runs at a slower pace to the rest of the city. It’s sublime.

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TripAdvisor: The Local, Bangkok

When I was in Bangkok, I could not get enough of this place. Their crab curry is to die for and their fried fish is so flavoursome and totally delicious. Every morsel and delicacy was just a mouthful of pure joy- even their basic Thai dishes like morning glory salad. The staff were great, they remembered us as well as our orders over the course of the few times we visited the restaurant.

The venue itself is also great. There’s a chicken coop out the front, beside the shrine. The restaurant itself sits behind a house that exhibits cultural items like a museum, and there’s a fishpond with carp.

The food it definitely the highlight. I’ll be back for sure.

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TripAdvisor: Silom Cooking School, Bangkok

This cooking school is excellent. For a reasonable price, they take you on a tour of the markets to source and learn about fresh ingredients,  then teach you how to prepare for and make 5 thai dishes. You could make them according to taste, which was great for me because I really don’t like too much spice.

We made:
Tom Yum Ghung
Pad Thai
Penang Curry
Green Curry
Mango Sticky Rice

The set up is fantastic- all the utensils and ingredients are prepared for you to save wasting time (although you do get taught how) and it’s all ready to go. You get a cookbook with recipes to try when you leave as well. The food was delicious, and we made it all ourselves!

The only downside is that now I’m back home, I can’t replicate what I cooked there… but I was definitely feeling confident as a thai cook when I was at the cooking school !

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TripAdvisor: Chatuchak Markets, Bangkok

Chatuchak has the biggest variety and the most eclectic range I’ve ever seen. If you’re not a fan of marketplaces, or bustling crowds then best avoid, because this place is about the size of a suburb. Beware of the food, it’s either incredibly expensive and a tourist trap, or insanely cheap and questionable. It’s only open on weekends and it’s quite easy to get to.

You’ll find everything in there. Woodcraft, traditional dress, handicrafts, pets like kittens and ferrets, glassworks, incense, art, tshirts. Everything. I did all of my shopping for family and friends back home whilst there. You can haggle down to a reasonably cheap price too, especially because there are probably several shops that have what you’re after. If you go with someone, make sure you have a mobile or a meeting place outside of the markets, like the entrance to the train station for example, because the markets themselves are an absolute maze, and you probably won’t pass the same stall twice. Also, ensure that any clothing bought from there is washed before use- it’s a marketplace, so no promising cleanliness. That said, you’ll find some real gems. We found a signed band t-shirt dirt cheap, so spend a full day there. Keep hydrated!