Snapshots of Geelong

Geelong is a lovely seaside town. An industrial town, a university town. Its wide open spaces welcome families and travelers, and it celebrates its own identity. Nautical tributes line the waterfront and carnival rides entertain the kids. As a community, they came together to restore the ocean baths back to their 1920s glory. What a joy it is to be by the sea. 


Summer in St Kilda

St Kilda, Melbourne, is a beautiful place to retreat to. A short tram ride from the city takes you to the ocean where you’ll find wind surfers, cyclists, skateboarders and puppy dogs. Girls on the beach practice their cartwheels. Families with prams drag their ice-cream licking kids. Screams from the rides at Luna Park. Hidden kisses in the bushes. 

Clarence River, Grafton, Australia

Day Two

We went off-road in our 4WD and had access to sites deep within the national forest. Station Creek has twisting angopheras and hidden waterways where the water is electric blue.

We drove through bush to the beach, saw where the brolgas teach their young to fly, saw the blue bottles washed up with the tide. We drove through the sand.

We drove to a village that is only accessible via the beach, and the beach is only driveable at low tide. Only one permanent resident lives there, everyone else is a blow-in. There’s an adjacent caravan park too, but there’s not road to that. Swim, or bring your boat.