Flinders Backpackers, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Flinders Backpackers is your conventional backpackers hostel. Basic. Weird stain on the mattress. Paper thin walls.

The only common space is an all in one. As you exit the elevator, the first thing you see are the lines for the front office. Look left and there’s the huge kitchen space, tables and chairs, piles of luggage that didn’t fit inside the $2 lockers. Look right and there’s a mess of people, playing games, reading, eating, drinking. Some call this a homely vibe, communal and inviting. I found it chaotic and overwhelming.

I shared a room with friends on level 9. We could still feel the bass from the nightclub on the first floor through the walls. I know we paid basic rates for bare minimum facilities, and I wasn’t expecting the Ritz. But I felt uncomfortable with the ultra-sterile chlorine/bleach smell that permeated even the curtains.

Honestly, the hostel forced me out onto the streets and into the city. For that, I am grateful. I did not wish to stay in that place any longer than I needed to.

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