Hanmer springs

TripAdvisor review: Hanmer Springs Bakery Cafe, NZ

Hanmer Springs is a quaint little boutique town. This bakery fits right in to the image; snow capped mountain, family fun activities and hot chocolate with tendrils of steam curling skyward. Honestly, this café  isn’t the most esthetic on the block but food really is to die for.

Their croissants are just right, and their pre-made sandwiches are delish (just the way my grandma made them!). We tried a few desserts too, they were perfect and hit the spot after a day of exploring.


It’s underrated and overlooked, but I guarantee you’ll find something you like, and it’s a local hotspot  too!

TripAdvisor review: Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa, NZ

Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa are a must do when visiting the township. The experience alone is exciting and new. These are the only hot springs I’ve been to and the sheer novelty of sitting in are steamy pool amidst freezing weather was exciting enough.

The venue itself is run like a machine. It feels quite artificial and commercial, rather than your rustic mountain-cut geothermal experience. Bring your own towel or rent one, and rent a locker to avoid loosing your belongings amid the masses. It’s family friendly and a major attraction there so don’t expect tranquility.

To be Honest, I found the history of the venue a highlight of my visit there. It used to be frequented for mental health and rehabilitation purposes. Now, it’s a fun novelty albeit commercial and expensive.

TripAdvisor review: Conical Hill, Hanmer Springs NZ

This view is breathtaking. It can be hiked in about an hour round trip, but we took it as a leisurely stroll for an wonderful afternoon. The first hundred meters or so are quite steep, but after that it switchbacks until the top, so it’s a reasonable hike for anyone of any age. There are cute little (poisionous) red and white spotted toadstools, and the pine forest is alive with tiny birds. There’s a picnic table at the top.The view from the top is spectacular. It’s 360 degree views of the Canterbury plains and we saw them in their autumnal glory- reds, ambers, yellows. 

The air is crisp and the trees whisper through the silence. This walk is a wonderful short break from reality, a chance to get back to nature.

TripAdvisor review: PJ’s Chalet,  Hanmer Springs NZ

This small burger and fish & chips hut is a dine-at for all travelers through Hanmer Springs. The prices are great value for hungry hikers, and they serve hordes of youth and families. 
The chicken burger is as big as your whole extended hand and is truly a satisfying feed with bacon, cranberry, cheese, salad and a schnitty. It’s excellent value for money and really hits the spot after some hard physical bushwalking up in the hills. 

It seems like a family-run business. I was served by a father/son power team and the dad was so kind, accommodating and hospitable to the customers.
Totally  recommend this for burgers and chips.