Hard Rock Café, Lisbon, PORTUGAL

The Hard Rock Cafe in Lisbon promises a hearty meal and a time to recuperate. One goes to Hard Rock Cafe in order to savour the familiar, to hang their hat, plop into a seat and know what to expect. It’s stock standard, it’s a sense of home in a foreign place and it’s good food.

I had the local burger; a signature beef burger with egg and iberico ham and it was to die for. The flavours were a perfect match and it was the perfect little taste of unique Lisbon in an otherwise uniform menu. My strawberry and basil mock tail was saccharine, energising and refreshing on a summers day.

As to be expected, the venue is bouncing with music memorabilia and sweet tunes. The staff were particularly friendly and personable. Hard Rock Cafe is the place to be for a taste of home.

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