TripAdvisor : Bill & Toni’s, Darling Hurst, AU

This traditional Italian diner serves hearty, authentic homestyle meals. It’s a short walk from the NSW Art Gallery, and attracts all kind of folk- bohemians, school kids, grandfathers and their beloved, friends for a catch up. There seems to be a well established patronage, and for good reason. The food is simple and traditional. Our osso bucco was tender, fall-apart and rich, while our scaloppine pizzaiola was flavour-intense and meaty. 
Don’t expect a luxurious experience. It’s delicious, it’s satisfying, it’s a reasonably-priced hidden gem in Darlinghurst. 

TripAdvisor review: High Tea at the Raffles Hotel, Singapore

High Tea at the Raffles is a quintessential experience that is a must-do for travelers through Singapore. It’s the epitome of High Tea and a history of being the best. 

We booked through our hotel concierge- they don’t take walk ins for High Tea- and we arrived early. Such an beautiful hotel with collonades and lazy fans. We explored the Writer’s Bar and the spied the famous Singapore Sling. It was Christmas, so the hotel was adorned with tinsel and mistletoe. 

The High Tea was pricey, as one would expect. To be honest, I thought the price went towards the novelty of the experience, rather than the food itself. 

Western delights like cucumber sandwiches and curried egg were a highlight. Assorted traditional teas, both iced and hot, to refresh any guest. The real winner for me was the selection of Asian morsels- tasty dim sims, dumplings among the like. The English cakes such as fruit cake, madelines, citrus tarts and praline slices were proclaimed “just right” by my partner. 

Book ahead and go for the experience.

TripAdvisor review: Fisherman’s Plate, Wellington NZ

Fisherman’s Plate looks like your regular run-of-the-mill takeaway. They have a long standing tradition of serving fish and chips, and they have an extensive Vietnamese menu. I was going to just go with my usual pho,  but decided to take the path less trodden.
We had salt and pepper squid with green tea soba noodles and Vietnamese salad. It was to die for, absolutely stunning. The soba salad was warm, plum sauce sweet, tender, lightly seasoned squid, fish sauce salty, had a peanut nuttiness, had some red cabbage colour, and fresh herbs for punch. This dish is a true revelation. We ordered two and I would be happy to eat it all day. This restaurant is a hidden gem. It may seem tame from the outside, but do yourself a favour and jump right in. It will be the best Vietnamese you’ll have in Wellington.


TripAdvisor review: The Emporium, Parramatta Sydney.

The Emporium is my always place when out for dinner or lunch in Parramatta.  The burger and chips are flavoursome, hearty and incredibly satisfying. They also so gourmet treats as well; the stuffed zucchini flowers and ceviche cups are to die for. The garlic and mushroom risotto is a bit too heavy on the garlic, nevertheless the food is wholesome and fulfilling. 

The aesthic of the restaurant is quaint and rustic, a beautiful venue. Although the menu is a bit pricey, go for the dessert. Guaranteed to be delectable. 

Bistro Remy at The Langham

The Langham, Sydney introduces its new upscale neighbourhood bistro; Bistro Remy. Nestled in The Rocks, The Langham is just a short walk from Barangaroo and Walsh Bay, providing a chance to slow the pace outside of the hustle and bustle of Sydney’s CBD. The relaxed bistro sits beside the luxury hotel’s Palm Court, best known for its Afternoon High Tea, and while Bistro Remy is a new addition to The Langham’s culinary scene, it offers the same calm, laid-back atmosphere. 

Bistro Remy sits at ground level, and cocoons you from the pulse and movement of the city behind french shutters. The restaurant is gloriously light and open, and the marble and ivory palette adds a soothing, relaxed feminine touch to the bistro. But don’t be fooled by the ambience; the menu packs flavour and vibrancy, adding fresh twists to traditional bistro meals. 

Chef Dave Whitting designed a menu that is a gastronomic delight, showcasing his background in french technique. While the dishes seem quite simple and familiar, Whitting has focused on the detail, showcasing Australian produce and championing the succulent flavours of each ingredient. What’s more, the menu has been designed in collaboration with sommelier Matt Herod, to create a thoughtful wine list to accompany the meal.

We tasted an array of entrees, from Black Ash Tortellini to Heirloom Beetroot dishes; each with a unique twist, balancing flavours that may be surprising, but truly work together. The Pink Snapper Ceviche is a perfect example of this, served with jalapeno, buttermilk, radish and parsley oil, a combination that was light and zesty. In fact, although Whitting is french trained, the dishes served didn’t have the heaviness of cream or butter, rather they were fresh and playful reinventions of old favourites. 
The Souffle was particularly memorable, as it was twice-cooked and light in texture, oozing with gruyere cheese, yet had base notes of depth from added veal stock. I must also mention the show-stopping house smoked Mt Cook Alpine salmon, which for me was a real treat. This delicacy was so simple, melt-in-your-mouth, and served with a dill creme, fennel and lemon.

Of all the classic mains to be tempted by, it’s hard to choose one. I chose the Blue Eye Cod Fillet with artichoke, ginger and black garlic, which was particularly delicious. The cod fillet was unadulterated and succulent, teaming nicely with intense flavours like artichoke and garlic. Even the sides were a textural delight, with a crumbed crunch added to oven-baked broccoli, and buttery mushrooms. The meals are full-bodied and unique in their balance of flavours. While simple, there was a lot going on on the plate, which only enhanced to the culinary experience.

By this stage, dessert was just opulence. The Creme Brulee can’t be missed, as it celebrated the flavours of banana and maple with toffee, caramel and walnuts. The silken brulee was comforting with maple and caramel, and soothed by the banana. The Valrhona Chocolate was a little too decadent for me, experimenting with chocolate puff pastry and a rich, dark chocolate sorbet. In the fruit department, the Parfait with cassis and champagne had a sharp zing, a zesty end to a rich meal. 

Bistro Remy at The Langham is a break from the ordinary, situated in the heart of an international city. The menu harnesses vibrant flavours with elegance, promising a little indulgence with every bite. ​

TripAdvisor: Long Table, Bangkok

The cocktails are exquisite, the views of Bangkok are sublime, the food is gourmet and deliciously inventive and unique. I highly recommend coming here for after dinner drinks, or even at dusk. Either way, it’s definitely part of the nightlife. It’s not pumping like a nightclub- it’s more like an elegant lounge and it runs at a slower pace to the rest of the city. It’s sublime.

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