TripAdvisor review: Marina Bay Sands Skypark, Singapore

The Marina Bay Sands Skypark is a must do in Singapore.  You’ll get unparalleled views of the Harbour and surrounds- the sea, the port, gardens by the bay, the central business district, the suburbs. 

I highly recommend you time your trip to be at the Skypark at sunset. That’s when you get majestic skies and the city lights twinkle and awaken. If you wait even longer, you’ll get a light show on the Harbour (but I disappeared before then to grab a bit to eat). 

The Skypark itself runs like a machine. It costs about $26SGD per person to get to the top, and you’ll find it can get very crowded up there. There are trinkets and food/drinks available up there but if you don’t want to be hit by tourist prices for a meager hot dog, then eat before you go. 

There’s always the option of having dinner up there, but reserve a place as I don’t think they take walk ins and it gets filled pretty quickly. Also, don’t expect to be anywhere near the famed infinity pool. Lastly, the queues to leave are long and windy as there are only 2 lifts available up to the SkyPark, so leave yourself a loose schedule because you could be waiting a while to get down. 

All in all, the experience is worth it. The panoramic views are breathtaking and the rest of the experience is just incidental.

TripAdvisor review: Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

Jurong Bird Park is a lot of fun. I suggest going early to avoid the crowds, perhaps prebuy your tickets because the queues are outrageous.

I recommend taking the tram to get an idea of the whole park first before splitting off to follow your nose.

I visited Jurong Bird Park through RMG Tours-i do not recommend this. It takes too long in transit and I didn’t get as much time at the park as I wanted. You should Spend a while there, there is a lot to see and do, the variety of birds is impressive and their enclosures seem elaborate and reasonably natural. 

A lot of the park seems to be a bit run down and out of date, undergoing maintenance and the like. It’s still in working order and there’s still a lot to see, but it’s not a modern, seamless experience like the Night Safari. 

TripAdvisor review: Heritage, Hanmer Springs NZ

The Heritage is a lovely hotel. The building is majestic and the grounds well maintained. The rooms aren’t modern necessarily, but I feel it adds to the character and charm of the hotel. The views were lovely and it sits in a central location in Hamner Springs. The views are picaresque – I highly recommend this place for a short stay.

Side note- I needed after hours medical assistance and struggled to get through to the local area nurse. This is no reflection on the hotel, just a cautionary tale for travelers through the area areas Hamner Springs is quite a sleepy little town with few support services. The staff were helpful in trying to accommodate my needs, so credit to them.

TripAdvisor review:   Fragrifert Parfumeur Victorian Perfumery, Wellington NZ

Once you reach the top of the Wellington Cable Car station, you follow your ears to the sound of coffee grinding. Beyond that, your nose sparks curiosity and you wander to a little store beside the Kowhai Café  to the Victorian Perfumery.

The parfumer  there is wonderful. His knowledge of scents and the distilling process is extensive. He takes you on a little tour through the perfumery (at no cost) and offers you some of his concoctions to smell.

They’re real. They’re not the cheap synthetic perfumes you find in abundance these days. His perfumes are sweet, with depth and memory. He mixes some for the ladies, some for the gentlemen  and some for certain occasions. It’s honestly a trip down memory lane, and he is great for conversation about what each smell reminds you of. Fresh Flowers, barks and leaves- he is inspired by nature to create perfumes that need only a dab to last a full day on the wearer. My mother, who gets migranes from strong perfume, was awash in memories from yesteryear.

I had no idea it existed until I was up there, but I promise you won’t regret the trip.

TripAdvisor: The Local, Bangkok

When I was in Bangkok, I could not get enough of this place. Their crab curry is to die for and their fried fish is so flavoursome and totally delicious. Every morsel and delicacy was just a mouthful of pure joy- even their basic Thai dishes like morning glory salad. The staff were great, they remembered us as well as our orders over the course of the few times we visited the restaurant.

The venue itself is also great. There’s a chicken coop out the front, beside the shrine. The restaurant itself sits behind a house that exhibits cultural items like a museum, and there’s a fishpond with carp.

The food it definitely the highlight. I’ll be back for sure.

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TripAdvisor: Pho Mumum, Sydney

I’ve walked past this place for years and never given it two thoughts, because to be honest,  it doesn’t look like much from the street.  Serving traditional Vietnamese Pho along side the classic cransky,  chips and salad.  They do Western and Eastern in a place that seems like an Asian diner.

But they always have a full house.  Students,  tradies, couples,  everyone.

I went tonight and had an excellent bowl of truly memorable pho. Fresh bean sprouts,  lemon and Thai basil to accompany a big bowl of steaming pho. It was full of flavour and depth with a generous serving of meat and noodles. Cheap price too. Very satisfied!


TripAdvisor: Armadillo’s Cafe, Canberra

On the outskirts of Canberra, we trundled past  many a cafe, hoping to be inspired by a public holiday brunch.
To our delight,  Armadillos cafe was open and willing to share great food with good live music and attentive service.  The owner welcomed us warmly, and invited us in with personalised hospitality.  The cafe seems to be friendly for mothers groups, people disabilities (wheelchair access and guide dogs welcome), people with small children and four legged friends.  Both the owner and the cook seem to know locals by  name, and make strangers feel at home. 
Good homey food, great value and bluesy live music.

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