St Kilda

Monarch Cake Shop, St Kilda, AUSTRALIA

The Monarch Cake Shop is like a 1950s milk bar, in aesthetic and taste. The milkshakes “taste the way they should” (or so I’m told) and the cakes are rich and decadent. There’s a lot of history that comes with this cake store, so it’s worth visiting just for the old-style atmosphere.

There are plenty of cake shops to choose from in St Kilda. This happened to be the one I stumbled into, and I was warmly welcomed by a thick chocolate milkshake and a heavy vanilla slice. What a treat!

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Cake street, St Kilda, Melbourne

Acland Street is famous for it’s strip of cake shops and bakeries. Wandering past all the window displays makes you feel like a little kid again, mouth watering, nose pressed up against the glass. Some of the shops have been here since the 1930s and they’ve got a cult following. I guarantee you’ll find cakes here from your childhood. And they’ll taste perfect.

Summer in St Kilda

St Kilda, Melbourne, is a beautiful place to retreat to. A short tram ride from the city takes you to the ocean where you’ll find wind surfers, cyclists, skateboarders and puppy dogs. Girls on the beach practice their cartwheels. Families with prams drag their ice-cream licking kids. Screams from the rides at Luna Park. Hidden kisses in the bushes.