Zeno’s Cafe, Sukhumvit, Bangkok

I’ve often wandered past this little cafe, but never gave it a look in. This morning I found solace in its airconditioning and respite in its WIFI. I opted to be healthy and ordered a Mango and Banana smoothie which made me feel virtuous and refreshed. 

I chose the Ham, Tomato and Onion omelette with wholegrain toast and was delightfully surprised. It was flavoursome and filling. Great value for 150THB. What a tasty breakfast, I do recommend. Apparently the coffee is good too.

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TripAdvisor: Terminal 21, Bangkok

Located off Sukhumvit Road, one of Bangkok main arteries, lies a shopping destination. It sits on the corner of Soi 21, but you can’t miss it.
Terminal 21 is a shopping experience. It’s has your general run-of-the-mill stores, but they’re all organized into different themes from different countries and travel destinations.
As well as major brands, they have boutique local brands and handmade wares, as well as some really unique products and shops. I found handmade ball gowns, authentic Turkish pottery, handmade jewellry, genuine leather goods and locally desiged clothes. It seems to be a really creative outlet for any up and coming designers. 
Each floor is labyrinthine and curve around. The weave in and out of shops, but the exploration is so fun. Even the bathrooms are themed.
The food court is extensive and the shopping is a delight. I’ve never genuinely enjoyed going to a shopping Centre as much as Terminal 21.

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