Haiku #145

Welcome to the Australian Capital Territory

Summer:- Cronulla,
Mollymook and Canberra,
Wentworth Falls, Melbourne.

Road trips on cold long-
Distance buses, just to catch
A glimpse of Sydney.

From the rolling greens
Of rain-soaked Berri, and sheep
Paddocks through the Great

Dividing Range, to
The open South Coast blue, the
Tall poplars along

The road to Canb’rra,
The fragrant bushland of the
Blue Mountains, and the

Trams of Melbourne.  I
Love my sunburnt country, come
Fire, drought, flooding rains.

Haiku #120

Hunting for sand worms,

Red rash stings, while sea lice dance.

Terribly sun burnt.



*Special series- these haikus were written in collaboration with my partner. We wrote these line by line, alternately, without having seen the other person’s line.