The Plough @ Tamworth Country Music Festival

Discovered busking at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, The Plough is band well-worth listening to. Recreating “olde timey string” sounds, this four piece group boasts talents in mandolin, fiddle, banjo and acoustic guitar. Their harmonies and ability to pick up requests is really impressive and they play with such enthusiasm and vigour. Their sound is authentic and when listening, I felt like it was in a sepia film from the American deep south. I was excited to find such bluegrass talent in Tamworth.

They performed towards the end of the Peel Street (the main street) in Tamworth, which is a feat of true bravery because it’s often difficult to pick up bystanders unless you’re smack bang in the centre of town. Yet, they drew a crowd and the people stayed to listen. They were raw and authentic, no bravado for the country music festival like some of the other boot-scootin’ denim short shorts or spurred boots. Nay, they stood, some barefoot and a little bedraggled- a sincere, authentic band to match a genuine sound.

We requested tunes from the Coen Brothers’ film “O, Brother Where Art Thou?” and their renditions were met with roaring applause. Each play is equally skilled in their own right, showcasing multi-instrument talents in bluegrass and deep southern vocals. They thrived, even when their banjo player nearly swallowed a fly.
Their knowledge of country and bluegrass added to an impressive repertoire, which only enhanced their performance. They had a special guest come and sing for a few tunes, a rather laid back affair supported by Nick Payne from Dear Orphans. This glorious camaraderie between bands and band members gave the Tamworth Country Music Festival a warmth in atmosphere, surpassing the temperature (which was in the high 30’s!)