Night Safari, Singapore

The Singapore Night Safari is fantastic! We used RMG Tours to get there (hotel pick-up and drop off included) so the night was hassle-free. The safari is brilliant, we skipped the queues and got onto a bus that looped around the park explaining all the enclosures. It’s really well run, newly renovated and an impressive layout.

I was hesitant at first because I naively wondered how different it would be from a generic zoo. Was I wrong! I was just so excited to see nocturnal animals out and about. Animals I’ve never seen before we’re active and lively in the dim lights of the park. Fishing cats, African hyenas, night birds, pangolins, mouse deer, wild pigs; a whole set of animals you’re aware of but haven’t seen in a daytime zoo. Bring your walking shoes and water, you’ll be running from enclosure to enclosure. 

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