Fés to Marrakech

Nine hours on a train from Fés to Marrakech is a fair while. We journeyed first class and were treated to our own little compartment. Travelers came and went leaving searing cologne, winky smiles and empty bottles of water behind. The toilets were a straight drop onto the tracks- but it was worth it. The Moroccan countryside is breathtaking. It’s wheat-yellow dust-dry prime agricultural land and the sunset is a fiery ball on the horizon.


Summer in St Kilda

St Kilda, Melbourne, is a beautiful place to retreat to. A short tram ride from the city takes you to the ocean where you’ll find wind surfers, cyclists, skateboarders and puppy dogs. Girls on the beach practice their cartwheels. Families with prams drag their ice-cream licking kids. Screams from the rides at Luna Park. Hidden kisses in the bushes.