Speculative fiction – The Word

The Word, by J.R Hennessy is a simple tale of survival. Published in Kill Your Darlings, this story is set in a rural, post-apocalyptic world where trust is just as important and powerful as a single word.


0920 service to Central: Delayed.

“She just Fell down the stairs. Snapped her thigh right in half. So I took a photo of it, terrible. Yeah, I’d say she was older, but not old. Well, I know because i was there I was right beside her. Excuse you, I saw her leg snap out at a right angle! That’s exactly right, she should have waited until the train stopped. She should have grabbed a hand rail. I always wait on flat ground, always. No, she wasn’t wearing heels, she had joggers and jeans. I always carry flats in my bag, for times like these.”

Small talk

Beware, the vampires who wish to eat your soul.
They care not for your flesh. Their eyes do not settle on your skin, their lips do not smack over your neck.

Lo, their stagnant, pooling blood doth sing for you: your thoughts, your memories, your future, your beautiful mind. It’s not yours anymore.

They will eat you alive.