Short Stories

0920 service to Central: Delayed.

“She just Fell down the stairs. Snapped her thigh right in half. So I took a photo of it, terrible. Yeah, I’d say she was older, but not old. Well, I know because i was there I was right beside her. Excuse you, I saw her leg snap out at a right angle! That’s exactly right, she should have waited until the train stopped. She should have grabbed a hand rail. I always wait on flat ground, always. No, she wasn’t wearing heels, she had joggers and jeans. I always carry flats in my bag, for times like these.”

Balsamic vignettes #12


We discovered a hidden beach and, since the weather was warm and the water was blue, we decided to dip in. We had just come from the most wonderful wedding, so we didn’t bring our swimmers. That didn’t matter. I only waded in up to my thighs, but she dived in head first, then dried off on the ferry ride home.

Balsamic vignettes #11

He chats online with the woman of his dreams. She caresses his ego with treacle words and listens to his pain. She understands.

He makes a surprise trip to see her, anticipating her glee.

He flies from Switzerland. Jetlagged, he calls her from the airport to meet him.

She’s taken aback. She hangs up.
He calls again, but she lets it ring out.

The tourist police look to us and say, “He didn’t lose his credit cards, or his luggage. He’s lost his love, and there’s not much we can do.”

Married with children.